This course will help you build the confidence to successfully manage your team and deal with relationships you’ll encounter in a leadership position.  It will also help you learn the key practical skills and knowledge that employers consider essential in a team leader.

Duration of Course
16 hours

Who will Benefit from this Course

Team Leaders


Course Outline

  • Identify how to build effective working relationships with both internal and external customers
  • Develop an understanding of emotional intelligence and the importance of self-awareness
  • Lead a team through uncertainty and change
  • Improve budget planning and monitoring
  • Explore ways in which you can improve team wellbeing, avoid unconscious bias, and develop inclusive working practices
  • Apply essential HR practices and legal requirements needed as a team leader
  • Identify different leadership styles that may be used in different situations
  • Evaluate different coaching models and consider which approaches will best develop team performance
  • Develop techniques for approaching difficult conversations
  • Apply strategies for improving team performance, including conducting effective appraisals

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