Recruitment & Interview Skills

The future of any organisation depends on the people working in it, Recruitment, Interview and Selection must be done right.

Recruitment is the core of any organisation. It involves inviting, advertising, screening, shortlisting, selecting, and onboarding of employees

Duration of Course

8 hours

Who Will Benefit From This Course

  • Newly appointed/promoted Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Foremen
  • Anyone aspiring managerial position and interested in developing Managerial skills to achieve  career success.

Course Benefit

By the end of the Recruitment & Interview Skills Course, participants will be able to:

  • Define what is a recruitment and why it is important to recruit right
  • Differentiate between Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection
  • Learn the skills to identify KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)
  • Learn competency mapping by collaborating with different stakeholders
  • Collaborate / partner with various agencies to invite applicants/ applications
  • Select the right people on the panel for the success of the interviewing process
  • Define the competencies and build a repository of questions each interviewer will ask
  • Track the feedback from each interviewer and document for future reference
  • Manage the employee experience by regularly communicating the updates
  • Learn the techniques to assess the functional and behavioural competencies
  • Select the right fit basis the value and skill alignment
  • Learn different methodologies and techniques for selecting the right candidate

What makes this course different

  • Very Practical Approach
  • Interaction via zoom or any other platform
  • Sharing of work experience
  • Test your Managerial style
  • Develop a Personal Development Plan
  • Resolve issues that you may be facing at work

Course Outline

  • Understand the importance of management from various perspectives
  • Understand the Management Functions, Roles and Responsibilities
  • What are the Qualities of a good Manager?
  • What are the Skills Needed to be a good Manager?
  • What are the different Management Styles and their Impact
  • Check out your managerial style
  • Understand how to empower, motivate and engage team members
  • What is delegation and why managers should delegrate
  • Time Management
  • Develop your Personal Development Plan


About the Trainer

Nina Demkah-Bagha
Director – Human Resources & Training

Mrs Demkah-Bagha has more than 25 years hands-on experience managing Human Resources at strategic and operational levels in various organisations. She has worked for various local and international organisations in a variety of sectors such as ICT, Education, Construction, Manufacturing, BPO and Services.

She has been the Chairperson Staff Committee of the University of Mauritius for more than 3 years. She gives training in Human Resource Management, Leadership, Management and Employment Law.

Mrs Demkah-Bagha has a Masters in Strategic Human Resource Management from Anglia Ruskin University and a Master in Business Administration with Merit from University of Leicester.


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