Time Management Skills

The Time Management Skills Course gives you the insight you need to efficiently and effectively manage your time. It is a practical, experiential course and you will work on your own personal time management issues, rather than theoretical set pieces.  You will find out which time management issues apply to you and put together a plan designed to help you improve.

Duration of Course
8 hours

Who will Benefit from this Course

Anyone who wants to be effective

Course Outline

  • Why Time Management is important
  • Clock versus Compass
  • Urgent versus Important Matrix
  • Implications of Poor Time Management
  • Exploring Time Management Issues
  • Identify Time Wasters
  • Identify Time Savers
  • Tips for Effective Time Management
  • Planning And Prioritising Work
  • Setting Clear Goals
  • Minimising Wasted Time
  • Distractions In The Workplace
  • Getting Your Priorities Right
  • Self-Motivation
  • Unexpected Time Stealers
  • Tools And Techniques
  • Effective Delegation
  • How To Say ‘No’

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