Leading and Managing Change

This course gives a clear  understanding of the nature of change and how people change.  It helps to identify critical competencies of change champions, change agents and Human Resources professionals. It use a number of models and strategies for leading and managing change and communicating it more effectively. Apply techniques to deal with resistance to change more comfortably and implement a proven process to create major transformation in corporate culture.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

  • Anyone called to implement change

Course Outline

  • Understanding, Planning and Managing Change
  • Competencies of Change Agents
  • Strategies for Managing and Leading Change
  • Lewin’s Force Field Analysis
  • The Kotter Eight-Step Model
  • Understanding and Dealing with Resistance to Change
  • Why People Resist Change
  • How People Change
  • Stages People Go through When Resisting Change
  • Dealing with Resistance to Change
  • Communicating Change
  • How to Communicate Change Effectively Before, During and After the Change Process
  • Key Factors in Making Change Happen
  • Types of Cultural Change
  • Sustaining Change

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