Team Member to Team Leader Essential Skills

The team leader skills course is designed to help boost your performance as a team member and make the transition from working in a team to leading a team.  This course will help practising team leaders and supervisors to be more effective and confident in their roles. On the course, you will explore team leader qualities and behaviours before considering how you can manage yourself more effectively to better fulfil your team leader duties.  It will also help you learn the key practical skills and knowledge that employers consider essential in a team leader.

Duration of Course
16 hours

Who will Benefit from this Course

Team Members

New Supervisors

Course Outline

  • Managing Yourself
    • Setting SMART objectives and using them to prioritise your own actions
    • Simple time management techniques
    • Personal objectives in relation to team objectives
    • Causes and impacts of stress in the workplace
    • Implications of stress in the workplace and simple stress management techniques
    • Available sources of support
    • Action planning and review techniques
  • Understanding Effective Team Working
    • Differences between groups and teams, particularly in the workplace
    • Characteristics of a good team and the advantages of team working
    • How groups are formed using the Tuckman Model
    • How to identify team roles and their implications using Belbin
    • Possible types of problem behaviour and causes of disagreement and conflict
  • Developing Yourself as a Team Leader
    • The various roles, functions and responsibilities of a team leader – depending on the workplace
    • Exploring the qualities of a team leader
    • Limits of authority and accountability, and how these are defined
    • Personal skills and abilities for effective team leading
    • Using reflective learning skills to improve performance
    • Receiving and responding positively to feedback
  • Workplace Communication
    • Understand the stages in communication
    • Consider barriers and how to overcome them
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of communication methods
    • Apply a number of methods of communication to your team

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