Managing Effective Meetings

Managing effective meetings. All too often time and effort is wasted by calling and attending meetings which are not well prepared, have no clear purpose and where attendees fail to participate in making decisions. This course aims to assist in dealing with those aspects that inhibit the effectiveness of meetings and emphasise the best practices that make meetings successful.

Duration of Course
8 hours

Who will Benefit from this Course

This workshop is designed specially for anyone who has to lead meetings or wish to contribute effectively at meetings.

  • Course Outline:

The Pre-Meeting Phase

  • Set Goals of meeting and Choose the Means
  • Work out the Agenda and picking who should attend
  • Setting the Meeting’s Ground Rules
  • Preparation is Everyone’s Responsibility

The Actual Meeting

  • Facilitating the Meeting as Chairperson
    • Assigning the Roles and Responsibilities
    • Working with Different Styles
    • How to Deal with Difficult Participants
    • Time-keeping during Meetings
    • Getting a Decision
  • Contributing Positively during the Meeting as a Participant

Ending the Meeting with Actionable Plans

  • Writing the Minutes (an overview only in this workshop)
  • Closing the Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

  • Minutes of meeting – preparation and distribution

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